The inspiration for this project was the theme of mental health hacks and the current state of the world. Addiction is a mental thing a lot of people battle on a day to day basis and my team and I thought that by making this app we can not only try and help people stay on track but also comfort them and also try to get them help if they do happen to relapse

What it does

Sobriety Companion allows users to start a live timer(that counts even when app is closed) on how long it has been since they started there journey to becoming sober as well as give helpful resources if they feel the need to relapse or unfortunately did relapse. The resources we provide our government help resources to ensure they are getting proper help.

How we built it

We built this app using Python and a package called Kivy that allows you to develop mobile GUI's in python.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into with this app were learning this new packages syntax and way of operation as well as trying to style the app appropriately so it looks visually pleasing. On top of this we also had a little bit of trouble achieving the live counter that also saves when the app is closed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the live counter and the live save function that allows us to have it closed and still count. We are all fairly good at programming but none experts so this project really pushed us all out of our comfort zone while also making us motivated to do a good job as it was for the good cause of mental health.

What we learned

We learned how to work more efficiently together as well as how to use the python language more in depth to achieve new things we couldn't do before. This was through the use of learning GitHub branches as well as learning about how to operate threads using python

What's next for Sobriety Companion

The next steps for Sobriety Companion would be to port it over to mobile and get it into both of the Major mobile app stores; Google Play Store and Apple App Store We also would like to make the styling a bit better which would come through more practice and research. We also would like to add a rewards page that would give you rewards like official AA meetings would in the form of a coin that is personalized with your name and date you received. This is a project we all really enjoyed and will continue to work on this after the hackathon has ended to try and help as many people as possible

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