We took inspiration from the people who were having a depressed and unhealthy lifestyle. Although they were trying hard to get it normal but unable to do so. So we created a app that will help them to get a healthy lifestyle.

What it does

Here we have created a web app which will keep a record your everyday health and measure the depression rate too and will provide solutions of the respective problems. In addition to that you can measure your BMI and get tips for healthy lifestyle. There will be one-on-one counselling. There will be meditation and yoga tutorials along with playlists and podcasts.

Challenges we ran into

We went through several challenges while making it a successful project. There were problems while running the code in the backend. Even while making it mobile friendly we faced problems. But before that we encounter a problem while design and orientation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First and foremost thing that we are proud of is that, we created a app which will helpful to the people especially today's youth and senior citizens, diving through stress and depression everyday.

What's next for Sobriety

This is not the end of Sobriety. This is just the starting, more to add in this. We planned to add Heart and pulse rate ,60+ old age people group for healthy life and online good books.

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