Alcohol is popular in college. We've been in college less than a month and already it's an issue; sadly, even something my friends have experienced. SOBR helps you find a buddy: either someone to come party with you and make sure you get home safe, or someone who will be sober with you, so you both have a good time. This is made for those people whose friends may be busy, but they still want to have a buddy with them at an event. The app allows you to navigate through users profiles, and decide whether or not you are interested in being buddies with them. Ideally, the app will allow users to create a profile including information like their name, age and a short bio, as well as if they're looking for a sober buddy or willing to be one.

The app will pair users with buddies who are available and are a good match for them.This app could be implemented in a college campus. My prototype allows you to see what the user's profile will look like, as well as how to click to match, and you are able to view the intro screen and your own profile.

Because I have very limited programming experience and have more business-side experience, it was difficult to make something, especially because my team disbanded and I was left alone. However, I sought the help of an IBM Mentor and worked with him in order to create SOBR and learn some inner-works of technology. My goal for this hackathon, my first, was to learn and get a bit more technical, and that's exactly what happened. I learned a bit of Java Script and Ionic which was super cool. Additionally, working with someone from IBM as a mentor was a really special experience.

I think it would be really awesome to actually make SOBR a thing on college campuses in order to make students feel more secure when going out. Alcohol isn't going anywhere, and students shouldn't either, unless they feel fully safe. I hope to learn more development tools throughout the year and work with other friends to make SOBR more of a reality.

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