Public speaking is often ranked as a greater fear to people than death. It is something that seems so simple in theory but very intimidating in practice. Whether a person chooses to go into the industry and work in a team project, or deciding to start their own company and has to pitch to investors, chances are that they will have to do some sort of public speaking. This application aims to deal with the fear of this phobia of speaking to crowds.

What it does

It sets the user in a virtual environment where they can speak from a range of a couple people up to entire theater houses full of audience members. They can choose the type of audience, the quantity, the environment, among many other variables.

How I built it

How I built it: Using Unity for the VR, and Android Studio for the front end.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard tying together Unity with Android Studio. In retrospect, we should've stuck with just Unity because it was more VR friendly than developing on Android Studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that we learned Unity in one night, while also experimenting with Virtual Reality and Android Development as total beginners. We're proud that we made something we would actually use.

What I learned

We definitely went all round on this one: from front end development to Google's VR development kit. We also learned how to work well as a team.

What's next for soapboxvr

We're going to try adding more features and stick with Unity so that in the future, it can be a true public speaking tool for people who really need the practice!

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