What it does

SoapBox is a social media platform providing young adults with a space to develop and share their opinions about local and global events while learning about new perspectives. The application allows users to post thoughts, interact with current posts through the discussion board or community chat features, and make their profiles unique to them and their opinions. Users also can interact with grassroots and national organizations to act on their opinions and make positive changes.

How we built it

SoapBox was developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We used repl as a collaborative coding environment so all members were able to contribute synchronously. We designed our platform through Figma.

Challenges we ran into

As our team was located in different time zones, we had to be careful to plan meetings around meals and other events happening in all regions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of stretching out of our comfort zone by using different techniques and ways to code the websites. We are also proud of how well we collaborated and worked together as a team.

## What we learned We learned more about project management for web applications. We had to divide tasks and prioritize which ones were more important, assign individuals tasks to complete, and ensure the necessary programming framework to do the task was in place. We also learned more about incorporating JavaScript scripts into HTML code to create a better-looking user interface. We also learned about PHP and how to use it!

What's next for Soapbox

The long-term goal is to build SoapBox with full functionality and an intuitive user interface. This means adding PHP and JavaScript profile management through servers, beautifying certain features, and developing robust security protocols to ensure user data is secure.

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