Snufkin is all about socialising and community. We got inspired by our own experience, when moving to Krakow to get higher education we suddenly severed the routine of meeting with our friends. It is also created for young generation, whose socialising happens most on the internet. We decided to create a platform that helps people to socialise face to face, give opportunity to join communities or simply find a way to spend an evening in an interesting way.

What it does

Snufkin lets you choose the areas of your interest which you wish to follow. Whenever an event nearby (by selected location and/or GPS location) is created you receive a push notification, you can view the event and join it. It also comes with a set of few nice avatars to pick.

How I built it

Before hackaton we discussed the idea of application over a beer, the same evening we gave it a name Snufkin. Then I made branding elements for Snufkin (logo, business cards and simple t-shirt design). As a team of 4, one of us (Marlena) started with the design basing on the application's principles, Bartosz was developing it for iOS and Hubert and Michal for Android. They all started off with allowing user to log in via Facebook, then worked on implementing the screens one by one.

Challenges I ran into

We took upon ourselves to create an application not for one but two platforms. It was also beyond our initial estimation how complex the application really is (and I'm sure we didn't cover more important aspects yet). Then, also, comes the complexity of the UI. With Michal and Hubert working both on same code with such fast pace, its conflicts were inevitable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all I'm proud of being accepted for this hackaton. A lot of FASCINATING people in here! And I don't only mean the speakers. I'm proud of our team and for the great communication between us that helped us divide the work evenly. I can't omit to mention that I feel great for the recognition my UI has got, even from the Design Mentor :D Lastly, I didn't expect my determination (and coffee, a lot of coffee) would let me sleep 2 hours over the whole weekend.

What I learned

I, the designer, learnt how much the cleanliness of work speeds up the process. I finished all the screens by Saturday evening and had time to focus on things such as extra illustrations, animated elements (yeah, on hackaton, poor developer teammates :D) and also slice my design so the Front End isn't so time consuming.

What's next for "Snufkin - be social" mobile app

We want to launch it with the current level of complexity and test thoroughly for the puzzle pieces we have missed. Then, once satisfied, we will show it to the world either to hate it or to love it (to love it, yes). In fact, if our effort makes a positive impact even on a small group of users, we will consider it completely worth it. Hell, we're gonna use the app ourselves.

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