We love Apple Pay but can't get everything we need from Walgreen's alone. We wanted to build a wireless payments system that works anywhere we do!

What it does

SNS wirelessly simulates a card-swipe on any credit card terminal right from your phone. SNS works at any credit card terminal that allows you to swipe.

How We built it

We bottle up a card number and expiration date into a WAV container, play that audio track out of the phone's headphone jack, amplify it just a little, and then blast it through our small induction loop which simulates a credit card swipe by emulating the magnetic field created by a real card stripe on a reader head.

Challenges I ran into

Building the induction loop. Converting the number and expiration date to a WAV file. Decoding the WAV file from audio input Pointers in C...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Somehow making this whole thing work.

What I learned

Physics How WAV files work How credit card payments are handled

What's next for SNS


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