After a long night of First-Day-Hackathon-Friday partying, We woke up to a flurry of snow. All day we prayed, That the snow may stick. Stick.It.Did.

But we found a problem ~uwu~ How do we track of who gets hit? SnowOps to the rescue!

What it does

SnowOps is a mobile app that tracks player's lives in a snowball fight! Players wear a vest with built-in in touch sensors. When you're hit with a snowball, the accompanying mobile app will automatically decrease your lives by 1. The snowball fight ends when it's the last man standing :o

How we built it

We built a vest out of cardboard that players wear. The vest uses conductive sensors to detect snowball impact.

Challenges we ran into

The "hardware" was the hardest part. We had to fine-tune the cardboard vests that players wear in the snowball fight to make sure they don't activate by accident.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got this system to work! Once we had the Arduino system working, the hardest part of the hackathon was putting in a wearable form.

What we learned

How to use Arduino.

What's next for SnowOps

We'll probably upgrade our vests to a nicer material :)

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