Based on the popular TV show Rick and Morty, we decided to create a virtual assistant adapting one of the characters, Snowball (AKA snuffles).

What it does

Snowball accepts commands by voice communication. Most of the stock commands are designed to help you with everyday task such as:

  • Defining words
  • informs you of global news
  • Searches
  • Jokes
  • and more

How we built it

We used IBM-Watson to create a conversational environment using Text to speech and Speech to text APIs.

Using the Unity3d Engine we created the UI with different animations and sprites from Rick and Morty.

We used other APIs to for different commands such as:

  • Yahoo news
  • Wordnik
  • Icndb

Challenges we ran into

Out biggest challenge was making sure a commands wasn't being executed multiple times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super hyped on how fluent and easy the app is.

What's next for Snowball

We plan to add more stock commands and hope to get the code to other developers to see what cool stuff they could create.

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