Have you ever gone to class or tutorial and wondered why the professor and most of your classmates didn't show up? Oh, it turns out your professor sent out a mass email an hour before class saying that he is sick and class is cancelled. If only you checked the school email before coming to class! But as a student, sometimes you just can't catch all the emails in time.

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Snowball is a web app for university students. It scans their education emails for lecture and tutorial changes, and ensures the student is aware of immediate upcoming changes and cumulative long term changes. The response comes from a message being sent to your phone, and if you have a pebble, you can enjoy a stylish watch face that monitors for the latest Snowball update, complementary of our team. Cumulative changes show up in your Google Calendar, reflecting cancelled lectures, moved tutorials, and makeup or additional class time.

By combining the use of the Google Calendar API and our customized algorithm, you will never have to worry about going to an empty classroom ever again. School is busy enough for you. Don't waste your time going to cancelled classes. Sometimes it's good to be hit with Snowball.

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