Snow Fight is a deeply themed world that places the user in a winter wonderland setting. After learning to throw their first snowball, users progress to defending their snow fort against various enemies in a series of engaging 360° levels.


Touch Pad. Swipe the touch pad forward to throw snowballs. Speed and direction of the swipe influence the throw.
Head Tracking. Look downward to duck snowballs thrown at you.


  1. Advanced Touch Pad Control. With a more analog control that detects swipe velocity and direction, users feel more connected to a vr world that they can influence.

  2. Advanced Head Tracking Control. Player testing showed that users naturally try to duck snowballs thrown at them. So, this was added in a very natural way that uses head tracking to detect when a users looks downward.

  3. 360° Level Design. A big design goal with the wireless aspect of the Gear VR was to present the user with challenges that encompass the full 360° world space.

  4. VR Reactive AI And Environment. With 360° levels it's important to give the most comfortable experience and limit the need for users to turn their heads too much. Game AI will detect the user's gaze and balance attacks accordingly. Also, to enhance general aliveness of the world, the environment reacts to all user interaction via techniques such as animations, particle systems, and sounds.

  5. VR Friendly UI Design. To create an optimally immersive world, gameplay abstains from the use of HUD elements and text. For example, instead of a health meter, the user's snow fort surrounding them degrades when they are hit.

Experience Features

  1. New User Experience. Instead of bombarding the user with a menu system as their first experience, users are first place in a no pressure game world that they can look around and explore. There, they learn to throw a snowball. Once the user gets the inevitable urge to throw a snowball at one of the kid npcs, the real snow fight starts!

  2. Short Burst Level Lengths. To help prevent simulation sickness, levels are intentionally designed for shorter gameplay times. From the main menu, users can always go back to a previously played level.

  3. Deeply Themed World. The game strives to always reinforce the winter wonderland snow fight theme any chance it gets. Ultimately, this well polished world gives the user a superior VR experience.

  4. Original 3D Art And Animation. All 3D art and animation is original to the game and reinforces the theme and experience.

  5. Original Music Score. All music is original to the game and again reinforces the theme. Sounds chosen for the game derive from child toys such as bells, toy xylophones, and slide whistles.

Thank You

Thank you to Oculus and all judges for giving myself and other developers the opportunity to create exciting new games and apps for the world to enjoy.

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