The name Snorpheus is a combination of "Snore" + "Orpheus". Orpheus was the son of Apollo, the Muse, and considered by many to be a musical genius. Snorpheus refers to the idea of making music so accessible, you could be the next Orpheus even in your sleep.

Snorpheus seeks to remove some common barriers towards playing music, including:

  1. Wanting to create accompaniment for a piece of music, but not having access to the sheet music
  2. Even with access to sheet music, lacking classical training to comprehend
  3. For those with dyslexia, the complexity of sheet music can be extremely difficult to follow and a deterrent towards playing music

By simplifying any song into chords, Snorpheus makes any song accessible to all.

What it does

Snorpheus is a web app that uses ML and jTab.js to convert any song into chords. A .mp3 is uploaded and analyzed using a neural net. The result is a series of chords, which are then rendered into guitar tab format and displayed to the user.

How we built it

Snorpheus was implemented using Javascript/HTML/CSS for the frontend, and python for the backend.

What's next for Snorpheus

Expanding backend database to include log-in and saving functions. Creating different speeds and modes to optimize learning efficiency. Implementing beat pattern analyzers to overlay guitar tabs over bars with key signatures.

Built With

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