Table #33 Team Member Names: Shayan Ray, Darshan Singh, Paul Capobianco, Arpit Dua

Description: The SNOOPy is an innocent teddy bear that sits on your shelf, sofa, or anywhere in your house and has a hidden camera inside it. The camera is activated by motion sensors and is able to follow motion by turning its head.

Whether it be intruders or your pesky siblings taking your leftovers from the fridge, the teddy bear will keep a close watch and make a home-made video for you to watch later!


A lot of our inspirations came from security cameras and spy cams.

What it does

The product is essentially a teddy bear spy cam. The camera activates when there is motion detected and starts to record. Video saved is only the essential footage you need of the intruder motion, you don't need to go through hours of un-necessary stationary scenes.

How we built it

  1. Borrowed the teddy!
  2. Built the skeleton of the teddy bear with 80/20
  3. Computer Vision in place and the Motor to move while detecting motion
  4. Added a Recording feature - to make your own home made video of just the essential intrusion frames.

Challenges we ran into

  • Some of the challenges we encountered were that we couldn't find the right equipment (camera, motor)
  • Attaching the motor to the 80/20
  • Delivering the right amount of power to the motor
  • Saving the useful frames of intrusion as a video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the things we are most proud of is that people of different backgrounds all came together to make a functioning object. The backgrounds of our 4 group members included different concentrations of study including; Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Finance

Created an 80/20 skeleton for the teddy bear to attached hardware and to ensure that it stayed sitting.

What we learned

Teddy's are cute but snoopy is Awesome! On a serious note, OpenCV, Arduino, composities all together take a lot of work to sync up!

What's next for SNOOPy

We hope to put SNOOPy into a real-life application and add an extra layer of protection to our homes. The video could be saved to your google drive as a future action for your viewing later.

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