Owning dogs or cats keep us active and give us a way to take care and connect.

Research has shown that owning a dog can help combat loneliness with senior citizens.

Taking the dog for walks, feeding it, not only keeps one active but gives a sense of purpose and comeradery.

However, elderly living by themselves often are in doubt whether they are still able to take care of a dog.

What it does

Our dog collar has a speaker built-in that gives tips and reminders about taking care of the dog.

The collar senses whether the dog moves, if it eats, and barks, and where it is.

Based on the dog's behavior the collar gives suggestions like taking walks, meals, games to play.

It connects wirelessly to our cloud platform which stores the dog data and creates suggestions.

How I built it

We built a mockup out of 3D printed shells, a bluetooth speaker, microphone, connect to a smartphone using bluetooth. In this way we simulate how it feels to get voice suggestions from the collar.

Challenges I ran into

  • elderly people we interviewed did not agree with our original idea, to have a panic button and a video camera on the dog. They found that elderly dog owners are able enough to carry a smartphone in case there is a panic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Designed and 3d printed nice fitting shell for the electronics.
  • Successfully pivoted to a new idea halfway the hackaton based on talks with elderly

What I learned

  • Met nice and talented people

What's next for Snoop

  • To compete in the market we have to reach EUR 99 - EUR 129 sales price so we have to check volume manufacturing prices
  • Build a smaller prototype and test in live situation with elderly and dogs.
  • Create a baseline If-this-then-that algorithm based on hour of the day, feeding schedule and amount of dog steps.

Built With

  • 3d-printed-mockup
  • bluetooth-speaker
  • microphone
  • siri
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