What it does

Snipstream turns a long video into a short 20-second clip, with the most important information.

How it works

  • Extracts subtitles from a YouTube video.
  • Uses Microsoft Cognitive Services API to find key phrases from each sentence.
  • Gives weight to sentences according to density of key phrases in each sentence. This means it picks out the snappy sections which are the most important.
  • Stitches these sections together to make a 20-second snip.

Use cases

  • Turn long lectures into quick refreshers for revision.
  • Watch the highlights from political debates.
  • "Trailer" preview for longer YouTube videos to see if you want to watch them.
  • Many more...

Future developments

  • Customisable summary length.
  • User-defined focus for the summary.
  • Integration with speech to text software to summarize any video or audio.
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