Working In a Team, has it’s own challenges. Especially sharing and managing Code Snippets, Learnings & Tutorials within the team. Code & tutorials cannot be put on public domain, since it has to remain within the Enterprise or your Team whom you are collaborating with.

We need a Managed & Secure Access to frequently used code snippets & Tutorials. As the Enterprise or within the Team, one has to ensure the confidentiality of code snippets. And, As a developer, it is important to find the right code snippet, at the right time.

We, as developers, tend to keep on searching code snippets while implementing a given functionality, which we ourselves would have created in past. And so, we believe that a centralized Code Snippet Manager can help to code efficiently. However, the library has to be secure, in order to protect what we develop!

And so, we present Snippy. Your Code Snippet Manager, to manage your Team's code and tutorials securely.

What it does

Snippy is your Code Snippet Manager for your Team, which manages Code Snippets and Internal Team Learnings & Tutorials for your team in a secure manner and with an easy to search interface..

As a team member, you can contribute by creating Code Snippets to the repository. Snippy provides an Editor to write your code in, with in-built language syntax highlighting of your choice.

Your team members can easily search for Code Snippets & Tutorials through a powerful tag and full text search based search engine, and use them in their modules.

That's how coding gets easier...!


  • Code Snippet Manager for Your Entire Team
  • Private Repository of Code Snippets & Tutorials. Your code, stays with you! Data is stored within your hosted data storage and so does not go out of it.
  • Contribute new Snippets using a powerful online Code Editor - Ace, with Syntax highlighting for your choice of language, and tag your Code for easy search
  • Powerful Search Engine to search available snippets & Tutorials through tags and title
  • Directly Copy to Clipboard, entire Snippet / selected part of Snippet, to use in your code
  • A very simple and user friendly UI to manage your Code Snippets
  • Snippy is Open Source and can be easily setup on your NodeJS Server with MongoDB Backend

How To Use

  • Download Snippy from the Github Site and setup using the instructions provided.
  • Administrator can setup who can login.
  • Login using your Facebook Account. This will open up the Dashboard.
  • To contribute Snippets, click on 'Contribute New' on the Top Navigation Bar. This will open a Dialog to enter Title, Your Code, Information/Tutorials and Tags. Save it to store in the repository.
  • To View Snippets contributed by you, click on 'My Snippets' on the Top Navigation Bar. You can Edit or Delete Snippets contributed by you.
  • To Search Snippets available in the repository, enter your Search Term in the Search Control on the Top Navigation Bar. This will return the results, from where you can copy the code snippet to clipboard by clicking 'Copy To Clipboard'.

How Snippy is Built and What we learned

jSnippy is an existing Application which we built using JS, jQuery, HTML & CSS for Visual Studio Team Services. Details here

Here, we have taken the concept to the next level, building it from grounds-up using ReactJS and self-hosting on NodeJS and MongoDB. It uses Facebook Login to authenticate users. Admins can authorize users using config files. Now, any Team can use the functionality on their own and even customize it as per their needs.

Using ReactJS, we learnt that DOM manipulation does not need jQuery now...! ReactJS is so powerful and it's modular approach makes coding easy and easy to maintain.

What's next for Snippy

Provide further functionalities like:

  • Bulk Import and Export of Snippets for Users with Admin Access
  • Analytics on which developer contributes more
  • Tracking of usage of Snippets by other team members
  • Authorization using config Files
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