In the current age of digital learning we aimed to make the very stressful process a bit easier for the average student. As students in stem, we reflected on our greatest struggles and set a goal to make a hack that helped with at least a few of those challenges or at least save time.

What it does

Using a firebase hosted web portal, we allow the user to make upcoming projects, complete with due dates and file attachments. Each project is uniquely saved to the user that created it. This is made possible through Google log in and authentication. Once the project is uploaded to the firebase, it is stored there until either the user requests to view it again through the online portal, or until they make a request to the companioning discord bot, which will be able to remind them of upcoming dates (soon to be added) and also embed and format the assignments by request of user. Finally, we used autodesk to design and 3d-print a midi-key pad housing, which powered by an arduino pro micro, allows for a vast variety of custom options and macros. This is intended to make the students workflow cleaner and more intuitive.

How we built it

We started by working individually, one focusing on the hardware component, one on the discord.js integration, and finally two working on the web portal to firebase. With everyone working individually we were able to build up the components to a point that we thought was adequate and then could focus on integrating them into one product.

Challenges we ran into

Looking back, we should have spent more time deciding and creating boundaries to what EXACTLY we were going to accomplish. Because our idea was not at first perfectly polished, scope creep became and issue where various ideas and features were thought out but could not be implemented in time. Additionally, this hack required the interaction of many different tools, programing languages and frameworks. While this presented itself as a problem at the beginning it quickly turned out to be a good learning experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all can say that we have learned a lot and developed as programmers working in a team. We never thought we could learn so many skills so quickly. We are very proud to have gotten Firebase to work properly, we think this is a good step into the professional development world.

What we learned

Along with the countless tools, languages, and frameworks we had to learn to accomplish this, we learned how to better work on a development project as a team. Within out group we saw a good dynamic emerge that we hope to mature into future hackathons.

What's next for Snippy

We still have a lot of features we hope to implement into the future, these include Google drive integration, Gmail integration, and a more flushed out connection between the Snippy Bot and the firebase. We also wish to further develop user integration into the website, possibly the expansion of a central hub for all a users uploaded projects. Finally, our future for snippy looks like a central portal to all websites a student may use, we want this to be the go to tool for Post secondary education.

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