I realized there was no popular, self-managed, open-source clipboard synchronization app.

What it does

Stores clippings posted to the root endpoint /, retrieves them on demand and lets you delete clippings as needed.

How we built it

I created a simple spring boot service with a file-based database using open-source technologies, tested it using Postman requests.

Challenges we ran into

Data security. Currently the service can be used only in a local network, as the service does no hashing or user verification at the moment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Quick startup-time, clear mapping of endpoints, brevity of code.

What we learned

Clear structure of even the simplest app enhances the process of development by a great deal.

What's next for clpbcpy

Hashing and authentication! The most straightforward modification the author is planning to make is to integrate Spring security (authentication and authorization of different users) and the hashing of stored clippings to make it suitable for use across different networks.

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