We wanted an easy way for people to share short programs without the hassle of messy downloads.

What it does is an online platform allowing users to edit, save and run JavaScript applets directly in the browser. Snips can be password-protected, allowing for convenient bookmark-let based and browser-agnostic extensions.

How we built it

We designed a web-based front-end using HTML and CSS, with Vue.js providing interactivity. The server was made using Node.js, Express, and Socket.IO, while the database was set up with FireBase.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many difficulties when structuring the database to store the information for our application, as we realized too late that the tree-based nature of FireBase was unsuitable for our purposes and that a relational database would have been more fitting.

Accomplishments we're proud of

The front-end turned out nicely, as the website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. While there is still much room for improvement, it definitely works for our purposes.

What we learned

Coming into the event, our members had varying knowledge about the subject matter that we planned to tackle. However, by the end, we definitely got much better and learning to use this paradigm of web design, as well as processes like user authentication, etc.

What's next for

We hope to expand to other programming languages and to add more security options, such as passwords to access individual programs.

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