Never leave your keyboard, with access to intelligently-retrieved, crowdsourced code snippets just a keypress away!

At A Glance

  • Snipbase houses real-world code snippets mined from Github, Stackoverflow and elsewhere around the web.
  • The Dynasnip editor plugin for Sublime Text 2 parses natural language comments and intelligently retrieves relevant snippets from Snipbase.
  • Snippets are auto-curated by their usage frequency in code, and ranked for both freshness and relevance by reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Team-friendly; can be deployed in companies to facilitate code reuse across teams and projects when full-fledged libraries would be overkill.
  • Device-agnostic; plugins can be developed for editors on any platform.


  • Snipbase is powered by MongoDB.
  • Dynasnip is built for Sublime Text 2 in Python 2.


Hacked in 48 hours for PennApps X by:

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