This is a project by Ekim Karabey, Albert Lee and Alex Shi.

General Intro

snipp. is a platform for coiffeurs to meet customers, and deliver haircuts to their homes. snipp. is for customers who value a personalized haircut experience. After picking the perfect coiffeur to work with, you set your time, and the barber comes to your house.

To use snipp., you log in as either a coiffeur or a client. As a coiffeur, you can look at your upcoming jobs. As a customer, you can look at listings of coiffeurs, and pick one that matches your preference.


  • Our service decentralizes the barbershop, coiffeurs are no longer tied physical locations and related costs.
  • Customers are no longer tied to their local barbers and don’t have to endure long lines.
  • In the world of the future, human productivity is not bound to fixed locations, comfort has no limit.


Our team is high tech, fast paced. We work hard, play hard.

Our frontend is a lightweight concept, no frills. It uses Bootstrap and other CSS3 libraries. Our backend is built with care and a passion for performance. Built using RESTful, Async, Nodejs, MongoDB.

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