YouTube comments are interesting, sometimes more than the video itself. So, we thought, wouldn't it be fun to check the posts and comments from other the Social Media as well in the same link, without having to go to different URLs.

What it does

This project is a chrome plugin which displays a container beside the YouTube video being watched. The plugin queries the Twitter and Reddit using the APIs provided by them to show the posts and comments which people shared on these sites regarding the video content, video URL or the channel which posted that video.

How we built it

Backend: Java was used to develop the backend of the project which includes making calls to the API of both Twitter and Reddit and passing the data to the frontend as JSON format. Frontend: Chrome extension is developed using Javascript, HTML and CSS.


As the backend is made on a local server, the URL generated consisted of HTTP protocol. But as javascript only accepts data from HTTPS, this gave trouble in integrating the project parts together, as for making a call through javascript, CA certificate has to be issued for converting it to secure layer.

What we learned

Only finalizing an idea or project it is not enough for starting it, a little bit more introspection is required as which technologies would be used, does it require any overhead setup for integration, as accessibility, authorization.

What's next for SNIP

SNIP can be used for integration of various different platforms together such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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