Pets are integral part of family and lot of pets are lost during disaster. Our idea is to build an easy to use application to reunite lost pets with their family using Machine Learning and cloud computing.

What it does

Snif buddy is a fully automated voice enabled real time searching and reporting application for missing pets. Fully automated missing pet report intake process via Alexa. Leveraging Machine Learning to match missing pets images with missing report. Real time notification to the owner of possible match and location. Exposing an API for third party organizations

How I built it

I built it using Amazon alexa, lambda, rekognition, s3, sns, email service

Challenges I ran into

SNS had issues as we reached maximum limit

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Easy voice based intake process, creates clean and enriched data which enables use of AI and ML to provide real time pet identification system. This will help for faster pet reunions

What I learned

I learned how we can create a personal touch to missing pet report process by using Alexa.

What's next for SNIF Buddy

Building an fully functional mobile application which is Alexa enabled and publish it to Apple store and Google Play

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