Everyone loves the classical Snake game --simple, kills time. Why not upgrade the classic so today's adults --yesterday's children-- can relive the nostalgia.

What it does

Classical snake game with more features added:

  • Foods that can be eaten by the snake is divided into 5 colors. Each have a special function that is activated once 5 food of the same color is eaten consecutively:

    • red: speeds up the snake
    • blue: slows down the snake
    • green: adds more food on the game board
    • yellow: elongates the snake
    • purple: shortens the snake
  • Snake can shed once reached a certain length: the skin shed is left on the board game and becomes an obstacle that terminates the game play when ran into by the snake

How we built it

Passion, Love, and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

Learning JavaScript from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning JavaScript
  • Completing the project on time
  • Making a game that we will actually play
  • Survived on no sleep

What we learned

  • JavaScript
  • How to make a Chrome extension

What's next for Snek

  • Change themes
  • Add more categories of foods with more functions (like convert shed skin into food, make the snake blink/invisible, etc.)
  • Make it into a mobile app
  • Multiplayer or same game play that can span multiple screens (or both)
  • Better aesthetics

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