Sneaky will be an e-commerce web application built specifically for small Indian Business owners who through this can list their services and products online speficaly sneakers. It will target it's audience by monitoring their search history and the products they usually look into.

Credentials for frontend login page

Username: admin Password: admin

Tech used

  • Frontend
    • React
    • React Context
    • Material UI
    • Leaflet
    • Backend
    • Node JS
    • Stripe Payment
    • AWS Storage
    • Mongo DB NOSQL


landing page

Features of the application

  • Lists of all products;
  • Filtering / Sorting items;
  • Search bar;
  • Quality Assurance
  • User interface;
  • WishList products ;
  • Order tracking;
  • Payments;
  • Mailing;
  • Admin panel;


  • Setup .env variables ;

```DB_CONNECT = "This is Connection string to MongoDB" TOKEN_USER = 'Secret Token for Auth' KEY_STRIPE = 'Stripe Key (can be found in website of stripe after registration)' GUEST_TOKEN = 'Secret token for the guest user'

GMAIL_ACC = 'Email adress from where to send emails. Requires setup in Gmail in order to use this.' GMAIL_PASW = 'Gmail password' AWS_KEYID = 'AWS Storage Key (requires registration in Amazon). This is for the Images that Admin panel adds (new product).' AWS_SECRET = 'Aws Key Storage' RESET_PASS = 'Password Reset Secret Token String' RESET_LINK = 'Change PAssword pathname f.ex in local can be : http://localhost:3000/changepassword'

- Run npm start
# License 
You must not reproduce and distribute copies of the work or derivative works thereof in any medium, with or without
modifications, and in Source or Object form.

# Team Members
1. **Saptarshee Mitra**:  
4. **Padm Keshav**:
2. **Rudhra Deep Biswas**:
3. **Mohammed Shabbir**:

Built With

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