Our inspiration came from the Ideanator 9000 that SapientNitro brought with them to this hackathon. Thing's dope and we wish we had one.

What it does

It helps those with a massive sneaker collection choose which of their "fly kicks" to wear that day based on several factors such as weather and outfits. It's a real bro for those of us that find decisions difficult.

How we built it

With a lot of fun and web magic.

Challenges we ran into

Staying awake , powering through, and not running out of memes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally picking an acceptable color palette that went with our beautiful orange logo. Having is be conversational, even when it's sassy.

What we learned

Sleep is important Do machine learning during a hackathon is real difficult because it takes a long while.

What's next for SneakSpeak

Telling me what shoes I'm currently wearing Keeping track of all my shoes Suggest some new shoes to buy

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