🌱Planning our project🌱

🔊Target audience🔊: We are students, so the obvious target is students

What ✨challenges✨ do students face? We're pretty sure it's not just us who have these issues, if so it's alright we'll go to therapy.

  • Time management, due dates 😞
  • Students feel isolated, struggle to find friends
  • Struggling to find decent flatmates

The last two were the most important to us, so we decided we'd try and tackle these problems.

💍Proposal💍 A web app to find flatmates based on predetermined metrics. (e.g. Tinder for Flatmates)


  1. Quiz to profile a user (determine some metrics about them)
  2. Users are shown profiles of other users within a tolerance.
  3. Users can express interest in profiles, if other user expresses interest in them, they can be matched.
  4. Users can create a group, which they can add matched people to (optional)
  5. Accepting/rejecting users adapts metrics (quite challenging)
  6. Only choose people in the same city (multiple unis!)
  7. Use social media APIS to share socials between (optional)

💡Inspiration for our project💡

Living at University this year, both of us on our team know how hard it is to meet people with no face-to-face contact. This web app helps connect suitably matched people who are still looking for people to share with next year.

🔨How we built it🔨

We used node.js for our backend, and Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and SASS for our front-end, as well as SQL for our database. We split the work between us by having one of us work on the front end, one on the back, and swapping whenever we got stuck or frustrated. We developed the app locally and have since deployed it.

🤕Challenges we faced🤕

We encountered problems with our Javascript callback functions in some parts of our development, however, we now feel much more comfortable in using callbacks and asynchronous functions after completing this hackathon.

We also faced challenges in our version control and pair programming, as it can sometimes be difficult to work on the same files without causing conflicts. However, we were able to divide the work in a modular way to avoid this. Deployment was difficult, trying to figure out why code behaved differently on the server than in a local environment took a lot of time!

🔮The future of Snazzy Spot🔮

We are very keen to carry on with our development of this app and already have made plans for future development! We eventually plan to allow users from any educational institution or university city, which they can specify when registering, to join to match with suitable people in the same city. We also plan to update a user's recorded metrics based on the people they reject and accept.

🧐What we learned🧐

We learned how to manage a codebase with more than one contributor using git. We also learned why you should use routers and async in NodeJS (to make code more maintainable/readable).

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