Snatch N' Go!

You've got a packed day ahead of you with classes back-to-back. In fact, you're starting to get pretty hangry and you won't have time to wait in line at the cafeteria if you want to get to your next class on time.

What do you do? Use Snatch N' Go, of course!

Snatch N' Go allows you to pre-order and pre-pay for food from local food providers on your phone so you won't be stuck waiting for your food. You'll be notified by SMS message when your food is ready so you can pick up your purchase on your way!

For food providers, orders are received using the connected web app. Once items in an order have been made, they can be checked off in-app. The client will automatically be sent a text notifying them that their food is ready to be picked up.

Quick and simple, Snatch N' Go is the perfect solution for those inevitably busy days! Bon appétit!


To miss class or miss a meal, that is the question! Or rather, that is the problem we face as students when we frequently don't have time to grab a meal in between classes and meetings!

How it was built

  • FireBase for database
  • Android SDK for mobile platform
  • ArcGIS API for maps
  • Cobalt API for location data
  • Node.js and Anugular.js for food providers' web platform
  • Twilio for automatically sent SMS messages


  • Integrating payment options
  • Integrating map feature


  • Building a functional web app with no prior experience using Node.JS!
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