We were inspired by one of Myriam's previous projects on, a story-based game dealing with dark dream circumstances, and our inexperience in Unity. Our inspiration also stemmed from the opportunity to participate in this hackathon at such a young age.

What it does

Our game challenges the user's ability to navigate through a maze whilst staring at the walls ahead of them. It provides a first-person perspective and an in-your-face experience.

How we built it

We built our game by delegating different responsibilities to each team member while accomplishing our own personal goals. Despite the intense learning curve with 3 of 4 team members who did not know how to use Unity, we were able to arise out of our expected failure.

Challenges we ran into

  1. How to make an object
  2. How to make object show up
  3. What is a collider
  4. How is the player movement
  5. Why did we 2d in 3d
  6. How to change screens

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Unity is superbly amazing!

What's next for SnatchBanders

A whole new interface with more doors, monsters, and puzzles.

Our group all has different backgrounds of knowledge in computer programming languages, but we all wanted to challenge ourselves and learn something new this weekend. We chose Unity as our software because we wanted to create a 3D platform game using C# as our programming language. We split up the tasks of creating this game; Makenzie created the map/maze, Tianna created the puzzle, Claire learned texture mapping and moving between screens, and Myriam was our leader because she had the most experience with C++ and Unity, which helped her quickly pick up C#. Through the use of online resources, forums, and the mentors around us, we were able to create this maze that leads to a puzzle.

If we were to do this project again, we would want to come in with a background in Unity so we can hit the ground running. Tianna would also like to implement GUIs. Hopefully, we can use what we learned about game design through Unity to create our own passion projects until the next Rosehack Hackathon.

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