We thought that it would be cool if you could have a Snapchat account just for your friend groups to be able to snap at, and everyone who was in that group (ie. friends with that snapchat account) would be able to see all the snaps in that account's Story.

People only need to sign up with a channel name and a contact email. We'll set up everything on our side with a script and some manual components (the verification stage, which we haven't figured out how to automate yet), and then send back confirmation to the email address that the channel is ready to go on snapchat!

You must request to be friends with the channel account to send snaps and see the story, and even the creator of the channel is unable to login to the account, making it completely private and anonymous. The script we use to pull from snaps and push to stories is deployed from Azure, which clears the Snapfeed on each iteration. The password we use to register will be randomly generated, since nobody ever needs to log into the snapchat account.

DEMO: Friend hackatbrown on Snapchat, send some Snaps, and check out its Story!

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