We wanted to help those who are too busy or lazy to make a trip plan. Within only a few clicks on our app, users can build routes in a second!

What it does

Using Yelp, Yahoo APIs, this App helps users to find top 5 popular city in the region that users choose, where is around the current location or a selected one, and lists Ranking Top 10 local restaurants. After users have chosen the city and restaurants to pay a visit, it will give users more details, such as addresses, websites, and phone numbers.

How we built it

We used CLLocation to find users current location or the one where they want to set. We asked users how far they want to travel. And then sent the location information to Yahoo API. With our algorithm that is based on the JSON data, we evaluated which cities in this specific region are more popular and interesting to visit. After that, we call Yelp API and calculate 10 most popular restaurants by their ratings and reviews numbers. Finally, we print out the city and restaurant information to notes or PDF file to let users have a clearer vision of the trip.

Challenges we ran into

Everything is basically a problem.
i. We tried CLLocation function to locate users while we accidentally initialized two location managers that conflicted with each other.
ii. While trying to transfer data from table cell to other view controllers, we found it hard to access higher classes to store the data.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We successfully embedded a picker into a table cell that actualized the data transformation between scenes without using segues. Besides, we are cool to displays a map with the center being user's current location.

What we learned

Tons of API and iOS dev tools.

What's next for SnapTrip

i. Load more APIs to provide users more choices, such as hotels, bars, and movie theaters. But we will still keep simple UX that lists only Top 5 or Top 10 to simplify users commands.
ii. Finish the information notes and PDF files usage.
iii. Create an appealing UI

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