I remember Sears as the only place my dad would go for service on his lawn mowers, appliances and well pretty much anything the needed some good-ol-fixin. Back then we would have to drive to the store to get information for whatever equipment we needed help with. Looking at it now all that traveling and calling seems inconvenient, especially when we have access to almost every other service on our phone. Sears has amassed a great amount of experience in providing customers with services they need in the 120 plus years it has been around. Sears still narrowly leads the appliance industry in the US and handles 14 million service calls annually. SnapTech brings Sears unparalleled service power right to your fingertips.

SnapTech brings you:

  • Snap a short video to a local tech to more accurately communicate issue
  • Technician suggestion on the best way to approach your issue
  • Quick access to troubleshooting steps
  • DIY tutorials
  • Schedule an installation
  • Store your appliances and equipment info so you never forget when your warranty ends
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