We are frequent users of snapchat, and we found that it lacked some fitness features. It has always been a great idea to keep track of the number of steps completed, but we wanted to also incorporate the Bitmoji feature from snapchat.

What it does

We are trying to promote healthy life-style whereby friends can compete against each other with the amount of steps they do each day. Smartphone these days all have in-built sensors to measure steps performed, so we utilised this function, and created a pedometer. The leaderboard will show the Bitmoji icon with the number of steps completed compared to all your friends.

How I built it

We used Android Studio to build it. It was implemented using Java. We used XML for the layout of the application.

Challenges I ran into

This was our first time using Android Studio, so we had to spend time downloading and also learning how things work.

What's next for Snaptchat-fitness-tracker

In the future, we would like to introduce new features into the application. This is application can be easily expanded, for example to add goals and achievements.

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