Snapshot your purchases and checkout quickly - A DeltaHacks II Project


We have all experienced long lineups at supermarket checkouts, and wished there was a easier way to purchase things without all the hassle. This inspired me to build Snapshop, which allows you to scan your purchases as you go, and use your credit card to checkout conveniently after you are done shopping. I believe it has the ability to bring change to the supermarket industry and make shopping more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Technology Used

Snapshop is a Swift-based iOS app that is hooked up to a Firebase database storing a read-only version of the local grocery pricing list. It uses AVFoundation's builtin barcode scanning functionalities to effectively recognize all kinds of barcodes. Credit card payments are processed using BrainTree's API for iOS.

Team Members

Thanks to Chris Thi for helping out with the project!

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