The inspiration for the project arose from the fact that as young people, we tend to like and forget things pretty fast. We thought that it would be a cool idea to provide the convenience of on-the go shopping to people. We feel that our app can revolutionize the way shopping is done via smartphones.

What it does

Through image recognition the SnapShop app uses the camera of your smartphone to understand and recognize objects around you and gives you the opportunity to explore those items. By doing so, it immediately brings that product to the user with its price and also the ability to order it from Amazon and other vendors.

How I built it

We built the app on the Android platform and used Amazon Web services and Microsoft Visual recognition api to aid us in our pursuit.

Challenges I ran into

We had significant trouble at various junctions of the application, in particular, linking the visual images from our camera to the visual recognition API. Somehow, one of the inbuilt methods was giving out garbage values and we had to highly alter our approach.

We're proud that we persevered through the difficulties and were able to create a useful app utilizing visual recognition and machine learning.

What's next for SnapShop

After launching the basic app, Snapshop we hope to develop a better user experience along with implementing the app to have capabilities of detecting multiple images withing its recognition process.

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