We were inspired by the ease of access of purchasing in amazon go and one-click purchases in amazon. We wanted to add that ease of access into adding friends on snapchat.

What it does

It allows snapchat users to add friends on snapchat simply by taking a photo of the person they want to add.

How we built it

We used the snapchat developer toolkit, facial recognition, cloud hosting, and to create a full stack web app for our app. The final product uses the stack Postgres, Flask, and React but that stack changed many many times throughout the hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

The snapchat developer toolkit was extremely limited in the data that it gave us so we had to work around those limitations. Also we had lots of issues with the different tech we were using, for example: initially we used google cloud to host the backend, but we had lots of issues and couldn't get that to work, so we had to switch to using aws and Heroku. We also built the entire backend API using flask and postgres but we were having issues getting that working, so another team member rebuilt the entire API with Node.js and mongodb but by the time he got that finished, we got the flask api working. Also our domain wasn't working so we had to register a completely new domain which ended up working even though we didn't do anything different with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Only 2/4 of our members are experienced in web development and only one of them knew anything about backend development. We managed to create our first full stack web app and host it live using cloud hosting. We ended up overcoming all the different troubles we were having with the API and technologies we were using.

What we learned

we became familiar with:

  • netlify
  • node.js
  • aws
  • mongodb
  • google cloud
  • snapchat snap kit
  • backend development
  • hosting full stack web apps

What's next for Snapsee

We hope to improve the UI/UX and add new ways in addition to facial recognition to identify users with one click. We want to make our app as quick and easy to use as possible and hope to expand to other social media platforms like Instagram and facebook.

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