I love singing. I love sharing my favorite music with my friends. But guess what doesn't fit into my backpack?

My guitar.

So I made this, SnapRiffs, the solution to anyone's need to express. Take your Pebble or other Android Wear device (Pebble apps are now compatible with Android Wear smartwatches) and strum away with Snap Riffs!

A simple snap of the hand with the watch coupled with the SnapRiffs Android App, and you can strum away! The phone is held in your fingering hand, like an actual fretboard. Program each of 4 frets to play a specific chord, and snap with your watch hand to hear it as if you're strumming!

I had this idea for a few days and at first I was thinking of using the Myo. However I saw that that hack had already been done, plus I've been wanting to buy myself a smartwatch for a while. Now the world can share in the joy of being able to enjoy music wherever and whenever needed, given Android hardware! Please feel free to port it to iOS and WatchOS as long as you credit me!

Android App: https://github.com/chocolatechipcookiejoe/SnapRiffs Pebble App: https://github.com/chocolatechipcookiejoe/SnapRiffsPebble

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