Being a group of students with full packed schedule and a bad habit of procrastinating, we found ourselves unmotivated to start a project, homework, or other commitments until almost the deadline (or even past the deadline). The reason is simple - these events are unscheduled like our classes or meetings, so we feel less obligation to do them. SnappiePlanner is a perfect solution for people like us, because it is a motivation machine.

What it does

SnappiePlanner is a smart planning engine that helps schedule your unscheduled events (homework, cleaning your room, chores, other commitments) that you feel less motivated to complete. It takes the users' fixed schedule and life routine and avoid scheduling during their busy hours, sleeping time, or other necessarily needed "down time". The goal is to orderly arrange the unscheduled commitments based on their expected duration, category, priority, and deadline. If an event is crazy urgent, the Planner may overwrite other events.

How we built it

We built SnappiePlanner on our own website The whole project is divided into three portions: front end, back end, and data management. The front-end is mostly built on HTML, java script, and CSS. The back-end is built using javascript, ajax, and data is managed using php, MySQL database, and java script.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered countless challenges in this project, because our members had little web development experience prior to this Hackathon. One of them is to build our own calendar system instead of using some existing API (because we love the original). Lots of math was done behind the scenes to calculate the right date and time. It was also challenging to create the UI and make everything dynamic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our website is up and running (though with some visible bugs)! Try it out yourself and you may find it useful. We are also proud of our team members for their effort and passion.

What we learned

We learned to start small, build solid, and then expand the functions.

What's next for SnappiePlanner

Next, we will continue fixing the known issues of SnappiePlanner, and add more functions. We may potentially use machine learning to estimate the peak hours of our users' days to schedule productive work.

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