Demo: Text 'apply' to 417-815-3351


In the past year Dallas' homeless population has increased to 4,140. It is estimated that less than half of our homeless citizens receive SNAP benefits while up to 92% have access to a cell phone. For this reason Feeding Dallas made SnApp SMS, a bilingual SMS chat bot designed to help Dallas’ homeless population complete their SNAP Applications. This will help feed DFW residence who need our support the most.

What it does

Text 'apply' to 417-815-3351 to walk you through the SNAP benefits qualification process. The series of questions include: Do you receive state benefits now? Do you have dependents? Do you make less than $___? A community leader dashboard allows you to see user progress to ensure maximum benefits coverage.

How we built it

Feeding Dallas made SnApp SMS using the Twilio messaging API and the logic was written in Python. The community leader dashboard was developed using a bootstrap, html, css, javascript, and an AWS S3 bucket. Atom was used to edit code, photoshop to create mockups, and Google apps for the presentation.

What's next for SnApp SMS

With community support we could ensure all of Dallas' homeless population has the support and nutrition they need. While this solution isn't perfect it could still bring in over $3.6m in SNAP benefits to support our less fortunate. With the help of organizations like Hack DFW and the NTFB Feeding Dallas could start a pilot program to help feed the homeless.

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