Snapool is exactly what it sounds like. It's Snapchat and carpooling in one compact web app.

Targetted Problem As cities become larger and larger, the number of cars in the city greatly increases. This leads to a lot of traffic congestion as well as air pollution. (Examples of this include large cities like Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Delhi)

How Snapool helps combat congestion Carpooling allows more people to get to the same place without having the drive more cars. However, lots of people are afraid of current carpooling apps as they are paired up with strangers. But Snapool overcomes this problem by connecting people with people that they already know - in the form of their Snapchat friends! This will incentivize people to carpool, therefore helping to combat both traffic congestion and air pollution.

Ultra Secret Minigame There is also an ULTRA-SECRET MINIGAME inside of our web app as well. MEGA_WARNING The ULTRA-SECRET MINIGAME is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!

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