Both coming from a majority-minority city with many people using some sort of federal aid (including one of us), we found a data set of the racial demographics of people who receive SNAP Benefits (food stamp program) and noticed that the racial demographics were disproportionate and favored white people.

What it does

SnapMap shows a visualization of the disproportionate distribution of SNAP offices in California in relation to a county's poverty level. It also points out the underlying racist aspect to the program, as BIPOC are less likely to receive benefits.

How we built it

Using Visme, a no-coding friendly visualization app, we created a combination of a slideshow presentation with maps and table charts. Although our choices of visualizations are simple, we believe it gets the point across and emphasizes what we're trying to do.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we faced along the way included gathering the appropriate data for our specific project, as well sorting it into a visualization that can be easily interpreted. It was difficult to manage said visualizations on the website that we used as well, due to the lack of live editing from both parties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • being able to find data sets that we'd be able to use
  • submitting the project on time
  • being able to find and call out a problem that affects our communities

What we learned

We learned the difficulty of data visualization, as this was our first time in the field. Although hard, it provided us the experience of going through data sheets, researching, and organizing the data into a story line. Our project also educated us more on the uneven distribution of food benefits within our own state of California.

What's next for SnapMap

  • switching the colors of our visualizations and slides to a color-blind friendly palette
  • adding a text to voice feature for accessibility
  • adding a visualization that represents the overall racial demographic of those who use SNAP Benefits

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