Sharing directions can really suck, especially if you know exactly which route should be taken and fighting with your mapping software's directions. What if you could draw the information you wanted directly on the map - shortcuts through parks? Treasure hunts? Pub crawls? Enter Snapmap.

What it does

Load a map. Draw on it. Add a message and emojis! Share your link with everyone.

How we built it

With blood, sweat and tears (and a little help from Ruby and JS). Code here, if you really want to look at it: spike01/one-direction (yup, that was the original name).

Challenges we ran into

The Esri map API is ...interestingly documented. We wrote a lot of code we aren't proud of! But we think we've captured the overall user experience. Maps in a snap!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Drawing a line on a map. Having that line show up again later.

What we learned

We are not front end developers! PStore is hassle free.

What's next for Snapmap

A buyout from Snapchat, as they realise we are the feature they've been missing all along. Text/Whatsapp integration. Beautiful icons. What do YOU want next?

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