In an increasingly integrated world, digital media intersects with reality. For example, we often see hyperlinks, phone numbers, email-addresses and more on a business card. Flyers now have a corresponding QR Codes and contact information. What if there was a way to easily capture these media, without having to remember, write or type them by hand, and make them directly interactive on your phone?

What it does

Turns pictures into interactive photos with links

How I built it

Swift & iOS Dev

Challenges I ran into

The Machine Learning library would've taken a really long time to train, and the basic model was not adequate for a lot of complex situations. It worked the best with a solid color on a white piece of paper.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to implement a Machine Learning Model and Library. Applying how to clean and process a photo using blurs, filters, and adaptive thresholding. Doing all this in 12 hours as a one man army!

What I learned

Tesseract Machine Learning Library

What's next for SnapLink

Better UI, smoother and faster interactions. More accuracy. Train a model, implement a neural net. Direct contact adding. Social Media integration.

Built With

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