Reading long articles suck. We were too lazy to do that. Why not have an app that would summarize the long boring content for us? Why not take just take a pic of the page and let the app summarize it for us ?

What it does

Snaplify searches your images. It could tell you exactly what your image is, top 10 things you could do with that. Not just this. It reads the text within your image and summarizes it for you. Cool isn't it ?

How I built it

We harnessed the power of alchemy api to help us understand what actually the image is. Then we ask bing to tell us the top things you could do with the it. If the image has any text we use Microsoft's Project Oxford to extract the text. We then apply some Natural Language Processing (NLP) on it to give us a brief summary. For the server we used Node.js and ionic at the client side.

Challenges I ran into

  • Angular is great. But like any other Javascript framework it doesn't have the built in ability to make synchronous HTTP calls to the server. That's when we had to make promises to our function by deferring the one already executed.
  • Drafting down a summary from huge text using NLP was difficult. The use of underscore.js helped simplify some of the things for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Within 36 hours we have an app that could give us a summary of the long boring article we always hate reading.

What I learned

  • Microsoft API's are excellent. They have nearly accurate results and can be used more wisely.
  • You should always keep your promises (even with your functions :P)

What's next for Snaplify

  • The current summary using NLP could be made much more better.
  • SnapCash: A cool new way to transfer money to your friend by just taking picture of the cash.
  • Product search in ecommerce using images.
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