We wanted to use the power of social media to make a larger impact in everyones immediate communities.

What it does

SnapGreen allows you to connect you snapchat account to our platform to create events that will directly help your community. We make it easier to spread news about your event by integrating with the SnapKit API which allows you to create filters for your events as well as embedding community stories. Making use of these community stories you are able to advertise your event to people that are around while the event is going on.

We also added a feature where a business is able to create community incentives such as giving people discounts for continuously giving back to the community and going to these events. By doing this we allow for businesses to have a bigger impact even if they don't have to the time to go to some of these events.

How we built it

The application was built using React for the frontend as well as SnapKit for the Snap integration. The backend was a Node.js Server with a Mongo Database as well as using custom session authentication for business accounts. The application was then deployed on heroku to give everyone access to create events.

Challenges we ran into

SnapKit is still in it's early stages, we wanted to integrate the embedded stories but Snap has still not gotten back to us with the API key for that part of the kit. Our application is ready to display these stories once we get the key but for now we have placeholders for it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make 2 Hacks for this event because both of the causes are things that are issues we care a lot about and we were able to make both hacks very functional and they are well designed.

What we learned

To not trust a company to send you the extra API key you need for an important feature in your application

What's next for SnapGreen

Embedded stories as well as companion mobile apps for stickers and event details fully implemented into Snap!

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