SnapGlasses is an app that lets people try on, share (and eventually buy) eyeglasses and other vision wear (such as AR goggles and VR stuff). We are trying to improve health by making glasses more social and fashionable - so that people can see better and look gorgeous.

Using face tracking, try-on glasses are augmented on the user. Touch-hold to load a nose-adjuster-slider to virtually slide the glasses up and down your augmentable nose. Select your favorite Instagram filter to set the mood - and press the blue button to capture the photo - and share!

Now, select the cloud button to send it to SnapBoxes powered by OpenShift. A URL button appears below to let you load your SnapBox page. lets users create "SnapBoxes" powered by OpenShift to compare and receive feedback on how they look in different glasses. The user can then share their SnapBox link with their friends, who can help vote for the best look (heart button).


Uses the php and mysql containers in OpenShift to create a scalable solution for users of SnapGlasses to share and receive feedback on how they look in different glasses. Clientside upload to a php endpoint, generates thumbnail, with original and thumbnail images stored in AWS S3. MySQL stores references per user to S3 image urls as well as user votes. JQuery UI for clientside sortable SnapBox fun!

Check out @yosun's SnapBox!

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