In our modern era, it seems that almost everyone uses Snapchat. Our team thought it could be a useful platform for streetwear lovers to display their clothes in order to flex, or to sell pieces more easily. People are more willing to buy clothing from their friends, and this would be a great way for individuals who don't know what StockX is, to start getting into streetwear.

What it does

SnapFlex acts as an intermediary between the StockX and Snapchat apps. After signing in to Snapchat from SnapFlex, users can press a button to be redirected to Snapchat, where they can make custom stickers for any product from StockX's stock. These custom stickers includes a picture, name, and price of the item from StockX's API. This sticker can be resized or used as any other Snapchat sticker. The receivers of the Snap would be able to slide up on Snaps with custom StockX stickers, and be redirected to StockX where they could purchase those specific products.

How we built it

It was built with Xcode and Swift. We used Snapchat's Snap Kit SDK, as well as StockX's API.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues parsing JSON, and we found out we were given an incorrect key after a few hours struggling with this issue. Snap Kit's login kit was also giving us some trouble, and we spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out why a button didn't function like it was supposed to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of the developers on our team weren't familiar with Swift, but we were able to pull through with the creation of this app. We are all especially proud of our vlog, which took some time to edit.

What we learned

We learned that make iOS apps can be tedious, but rewarding. Also, that combining coffee shots with cacao Soylent is delicious.

What's next for SnapFlex

In the future, we want receivers of Snaps with SnapFlex stickers on them to be able to press the stickers and be redirected to StockX instead of having to slide up. We also think it would be neat if users could create stickers for their StockX profiles in order to quickly share them with others on Snapchat. name:


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