I had two different friends within the same week tell me they were unhappy with the current solutions available for receipt tracking. They work on smaller teams in sales and investment research that do not have a budget for some of the larger platforms offering solutions. I interviewed Sean Kendall, an associate at ARCH Venture Partners, to better understand his problem and he offered many great insights into how to best solve this problem. If I had time, I would have loved to conduct a larger scale UX research study, but many of our design decisions were based on Sean's input alone. I was also looking for a project I could rope my brothers into for a long time dream of assembling a Cool brother dev team.

What it does

Snap Expense is a PWA that makes it easy to keep track, categorize and report receipts for small teams.

How we built it - Cool Brothers Dev Team Go!

First off we had to decide on custom slack emotes. This took a good portion of our time during the design and planning phase of our journey but we can all agree the outcome speaks for itself. Communication is a key component in meaningful collaboration.

We agreed to put a lot of time and effort into the project and do our best to win the hackathon! Pat came up with this clever branding for our team. Branding will be key in distinguishing ourselves among what is sure to be a very talented and competitive pool of applicants.


We used a combination of github's project management tooling and slack to organize and distribute workload.

Challenges we ran into

Tim and Pat work long hours at their jobs, so one of the biggest challenges was finding time to work on Snap Expense together.

Primarily, Snap Expense is designed for mobile but we still have a couple issues to solve with the camera and handling images on mobile. The idea for the final product will be: user launches snap expense, takes a picture of the receipt (in the camera view) and puts their phone away and continues their business. By the end of their business trip/period they want to collect receipts, the user can send a report with the ability to categorize and itemize based on their settings. The report can then be sent off to whoever handles reimbursements or for whatever use they require.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was really fun to finally work on a project with my brothers and I think we made a good go at this considering all the constraints we were working around. We still have a long way to go in terms of an actual consumer facing application but it was a really great experience and I learned a lot building it.

What's next for Snap Expense

Hope to eventually release it to the public as web app.

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