Everyday, people make casual plans through messaging apps, but they sometimes cannot get things planned properly. That's why we decided to create SnapEvnt which is a messaging app using AI to recognize important events/plans that you have with the people around you and categorize them so that u always stay organized.

We found our inspiration in Snapchat design philosophy where spontaneity and simplicity speak to the user. The aim is to allow the user to have access to all the essential elements quickly by doing a few clicks or swipes.

What the app does

We want to help you organize your (group) chats by creating a smart messaging mobile app that categorizes your texts for you to stay organized. Currently, the app uses ML to classify your text into one of the following categories:

  • Planner / calendar (to plan)
  • Notifications (to remind yourself)
  • Poll (to make decisions)
  • Randomizer (to make choices)

How we built it

Built with Google Firebase (DB), TensorFlow, Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

Create the interface to display the messages, SnapKit integration, a few bugs when integrating the API's.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud to have created a functioning messaging app. It was also a great learning process for all of us!

What we learned

Firebase API, SnapKit API, many tools inside Android Studio

What's next for SnapEvnt

Improve the ML part of our app: text analysis. Add more features for users, like for example: google search, automatic assistance (show direction on map, calling a taxi), advising base on habits (ex: health).

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