With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving kids to learn at home without a fun, social classroom environment, learning new skills is more difficult. Oftentimes, parents have to be very involved to keep their kids engaged -- but many have other jobs and responsibilities, and can’t give their child the attention they need to effectively learn. As computer science majors, we decided to code a feature for the Alexa system to play an interactive, voice-controlled game with kids that can help them learn and practice the fundamental skill of division in a fun, engaging way.

What it does

Most devices require parental supervision, but Amazon’s Alexa conveniently can just talk to a child without the risk of them accessing data they shouldn’t. This game is voice controlled and will allow kids to learn division in a fun, safe, and engaging way, doing a small part to make online and at-home learning more effective. The child Throughout this development process, Anisha and I interacted with new IDEs and software such as node.js, AWS Lambda for the backend development, and voice interaction and natural language processing for the front end. This allowed us to both grow in our own skills, and foster an excitement for kids to learn at home.

What's next for SnapCracklePop Math Game

We are thinking of expanding our skill to a variety of different math probems and sets, not strictly mulitplication and division!

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